Brew Private View


tumblr_okrq63utss1qbbjpko1_1280exterior photo by Lauren Jade Holmes (


On Thursday night (2nd Feb) I travelled over to Folkestone for the private view of a show called Cover, which was curated by Lauren Jade Holmes at Brew. Brew is a cafe and art venue in Folkestone, set in a fabulous modernist wedge shaped building. It’s actually in the old town bit of Folkestone, so it’s surrounded by victorian villas and townhouses. Folkestone is an old seaside resort town, which now has a thriving art scene.

Brew hosts regular exhibitions, which are usually curated by Karen Pamplin Browne. She told me that the shows are normally open to Folkestone artists, but this show had included artists from across Kent, so it had brought in a new audience for Brew, including a younger crowd as Canterbury has three universities including an art school.

I can definitely recommend Brew as a venue, I had a black coffee there which was lovely, and there was an amazing selection of cakes which I photographed. If you are interested in architecture, the building itself is very cool, see photo above by Lauren of the exterior.

The show itself consisted of “covers of covers”, that is, artworks inspired by album cover designs, which were mostly in a 12″ by 12″ format like old vinyl sleeves. In fact one of the pieces by Nicola Maria Priest of Luna Sky Jewellery included an actual vinyl.

I chose Pink Floyd’s ‘The Division Bell‘ as my inspiration, because the artwork has these amazing Janus-like faces on it and I’m really obsessed with mythology and Joseph Campbell and Anthropology, but the project made me think about how many amazing album sleeves there are out there, such as Gerald Scarfe’s work for Pink Floyd, Keith Haring’s graphics, Peter Blake’s collages, and anything with Grace Jones!!

Many years ago I did a report at school on modern art, because the YBAs were very hot at that time and a lot of people were arguing that art had all gone to s**t. My argument was that art was all around us, and that artists were integral to our society, and that if you didn’t like what was in the galleries there were still many other objets d’art around for you to look at, I gave lots of album covers as examples of art in the real world, and I got an A for the assignment.

So, if you’re in the Kent or Folkestone area, come and see the exhibition and the wonderful arts venue.

Cover at Brew, 83 Cheriton Rd, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1DG, 2nd February – 4th March 2017


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